ultravox rehearsals

it’s the mighty warren cann and chris cross during rehearsals for the upcoming ultravox gigs.  how exciting, ultravox back together again and live.  rumour has it, ultravox will be playing as much material as they possibly can fit in.  i think this is going to be an ultravox extravaganza, like we’ve never seen before.

midge ure live

midge ure performing as part of the here and now 80’s tour at the dubai duty free shergar cup at ascot racecourse, 11th August 2012.  i was particularly disappointed when the rewind festival for australia was cancelled, midge was due to perform.

there were so many people in australia who brought tickets and desperately wanted to see midge live. we of course, didn’t get the chance, the festival was cancelled.  maybe if we’re very, very lucky, we’ll get to see ultravox or midge tour australia again.  from all reports, midge seemed disappointed, he always liked to come to australia to play.  so many australian fans would be extremely happy to see ultravox play in australia once more, we still have all our fingers and toes crossed for that.  for more images of midge, head on over to flickr.

midge ure

midge ure taken from the return to eden tour programme.  i just love the images from this tour programme.  the boys are so stylish and the images have a great atmosphere.  photos taken backstage, signing autographs, the thin wall video shoot as well as a few on a train in new york.  stylish in black and white but then, ultravox are indeed, the most stylish men around.  i don’t see men dress like this these days and when they do, they definitely stand out from the crowd.  these images are copyrighted to others and do not belong to me.